Monetary Reform and Positive Money (and comparing them to MMT)

This post contains several interviews and posts related to Monetary Reform and Positive Money, and how they relate to Modern Money Theory, or MMT.


This post was last updated July 9, 2022.

Disclaimer: I have studied MMT since February of 2018. I’m not an economist or academic and I don’t speak for the MMT project. The information in this post is my best understanding but in order to ensure accuracy, you should rely on the expert sources linked throughout. If you have feedback to improve this post, please get in touch.

Activist #MMT interviews on Monetary Reform and Positive Money

My interviews with Joe and Dan were recorded in January 2019.

  • episodes 37 and 38: Dan Sullivan: “You don't punish banks. The banks punish you.” (Monetary Reform vs MMT)
  • episodes 18 and 19: Dr. Joe Firestone on MMT vs. Monetary Reform
  • Clint and I discuss Monetary Reform for around twenty minutes near the beginning of this episode: Ep 39 [1/2]: Clint Ballinger: The funding is the decision to do it. (Plus, “bonds suck”) (part two with Clint is unrelated)


The links in this section, except the Mosler Green Party response, come from the show notes of part one of my interview with Clint Ballinger.