All episodes of Activist #MMT with Sam Levey

This post contains all episodes of Activist #MMT with UMKC PhD. student, Sam Levey. Lots more can be found in the show notes for each episode. BACK TO: FULL-EPISODE LIST


This post was last updated December 9, 2020.

Disclaimer: I have studied MMT since February of 2018. I’m not an economist or academic and I don’t speak for the MMT project. The information in this post is my best understanding but I don’t assert it to be perfectly accurate. In order to ensure accuracy, you should rely on the expert sources linked throughout. If you have feedback to improve this post, please get in touch.

All full episodes with Sam Levey

  • Ep 1: [1/2]: Sam Levey: MMT activism and considering a formal education
  • Ep 2: [2/2]: Learning the basics with Sam Levey and “Modern Money & the War Treasury”
  • Ep67 [1/2, 2/4]: Sam Levey: The core assumptions of mainstream economics (plus an update on Sam’s Phd.)
  • Ep68 [2/2, 3/4]: Sam Levey: The core assumptions of mainstream economics

All snippets (less-than-full episodes) with Sam