All episodes of Activist #MMT with L. Randall Wray

This post contains both episodes of Activist #MMT with original MMT developer, L. Randall Wray, plus additional resources related to him and his work. Lots more can be found in the show notes for each episode. BACK TO: FULL-EPISODE LIST

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Activist #MMT episodes with L. Randall Wray

  • Ep 52 [1/2]: L. Randall Wray: The story before the story (of MMT) (plus congressional testimony)
  • Ep 53 [2/2]: L. Randall Wray: The KC approach to MMT (and the real meaning of “productivity”)

Congressional hearing “Reexamining the Economic Costs of Debt” featuring L. Randall Wray (11/20/2019)

Dr. Wray’s experience during this hearing, and his written testimony, are discussed in the second half of episode 52.