All my episodes guest-hosting the podcast Historic-ly

Below are all of the episodes I recorded (and produced) for the podcast Historic-ly, as created and hosted by Esha Krishnaswamy. You can follow Historic-ly on Twitter at historic_ly, and at

How to Revolt and Succeed with Keith Errol Benson.

(Hosted. Released 7/22/2019)

African American historian, multiple Grammy award winning drummer (it’s his playing on “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now, which was the official song of Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign), and the author of The Power and the Glory, discuss how African American history is American history.

Retirement Heist: American pensions and the art of being evil.

(Hosted. Released 9/11/2019)

A detailed summary of Ellen Schultz’s book. How private corps have brazenly plundered the pensions of millions, destroying their lives to enrich themselves, and how our government makes it possible. This is the only podcast episode I’ve ever recorded where I just speak the whole time myself.

#DannyStrong: Our gov’t and for-profit healthcare let people die (with Scott Desnoyers)

(Hosted. Released 10/18/2019)

Father and MFA activist Scott Desnoyers (Twitter) talks about how his twenty-nine-year-old son was denied depression medication for two months for a missed twenty-dollar payment, and committed suicide halfway through.

How Steve Mnuchin made me a better comedian (with Graham Elwood)

(Hosted. Released 11/18/2019)

Stand-up comedian and progressive video journalist Graham Elwood (Twitter) talks about how Steve Mnuchin and then-California Attorney General Kamala Harris joined forces to swindle him and tens of millions of others out of their homes during the Great Financial Crisis.

Anatomy of a Revolution [1/2]

(Hosted. Released 3/6/2020)

I talk with Historic-ly podcast host and fellow Bernie supporter Esha Krishnaswamy (Twitter), about the discouraging reality of the 2020 Democratic primaries. She puts it into a realistic historical perspective, and describes the true meaning of “Not Me. Us.”

Anatomy of a Revolution [2/2]

What is to be Done? 21st Century Edition (with Ryan Mathis)

(Hosted. Released 3/31/2020)

This is part one of a special joint two-part episode with my own podcast, Activist #MMT. Ryan Mathis is a first-year law student, millennial, and MMTer who gives his views of how we must replace our corrupted institutions with ones that support the left wing project.

Here’s part two with Ryan (on Activist #MMT), where we finish our conversation from part one and then turn to economic topics.

Police State for Black & Brown People (with Shevone Torres)

(Hosted. Released 8/25/2020)

Part one of my interview with Black Lives Matter organizer Shevone Torres on George Floyd, the centuries of systemic racism that led up to it, and the performative changes made in hopes of deceiving the public into thinking “something has been done”.

Police State for Black & Brown People, part two

Mathematics of a Coup – Part 1 with David Rosnick

(Produced. Released 10/28/2020)

I edited and produced this two-part episode (I did not host it). It’s a fascinating tale of international political intrigue and a mystery of statistics, data analytics, and computer science, all surrounding the American-led coup in Bolivia. This story would make a genuinely fascinating mystery thriller.

Mathematics of a Coup – Part 2 with David Rosnick

The Counter Revolutionary History of Suburbs with Jane Ball

(Hosted. Released 5/28/2021)

A re-publishing of episode 71 of Activist #MMT, which is part two of a two-part episode.

The History of Money, with Rohan Grey

(Repaired audio. Released November 20, 2018)

I fixed up the audio of this interview with Rohan Grey. The experience is discussed in this MMT resource post, which it substantially inspired: Redistribution via federal taxation can only be *indirect*.